Collection – Autumn / Winter 2024-25
We have prepared the AW 2425 collection following international trends and paying attention to high-end products, a characteristic of Made in Italy.

The market momentum clearly identifies precise needs ranging from service, quality and innovation, but the common thread is certainly sustainability and the circular economy with recycled fibers.

The fits of the garments have an ever wider and more comfortable silhouette, Lycra ® is a comfort and from this season we also find Lycra ® -EcoMade produced with sustainable materials for a lower environmental impact.
We have tried to use less standard cotton and more organic or recycled cotton. For cellulosic fibers, polyester, recycled cotton and TENCELTM (TENCEL™ is a trademark di Lenzing AG) is always a staple.
Also present hemp, viscose and wool.

Almost all polyesters are recycled, shirt and pant fabrics with lurex yarns have been inserted for ceremonies or for more fashionable garments.
For women we offer more glamorous jacquards and Chanel-effect stretch weaves in black & white or colored yarn-dyed.

We have also maintained the natural ecru theme as a sustainable proposal, an index of sustainability and ideal for all-season garments.

The outdoors is increasingly important in the sportswear version with broken twill, ripstop and micro-weave structures, in cotton nylon elastane for both shirts and trousers or outerwear.

For quick consultation, the collection is all digitized and available on the Neocatalog company platform and can be consulted at any time by the sales network both in the office and in the home office and shared with customers.

The categories are divided as follows, the direction remains more and more towards a unisex use of materials:

Shirts - Stretch shirts
Trousers - Stretch trousers
Lining fabrics
Design selection Print

The concepts around which the collection was developed are:

Eco & Sustainable - Urban Flexible Utility - Luxury Smart Urban - Casual Outdoor

Eco & Sustainable. Articles produced with sustainable fibers such as hemp, 
TENCEL™, GOTS® organic cotton, recycled GRS cotton and polyester.
Urban Flexible Utility. Minimalist structures with lighter weights but warm and soft hands with Lycra® EcoMade yarns or recycled stretch polyesters and with polyester or cotton mélange yarn-dyed.
Luxury Smart Urban. An always important theme where fine Pima and twisted yarns are used intertwined with other noble fibers, wool or TENCEL™. This is to give fluidity to the materials used across the board in the men's and women's collections.
Structured TENCEL™, stretch embellished with yarn-dyed Lurex for trousers and shirts 

Casual Outdoors. Fabrics with nylon yarns, shirts and trousers, with the comfort of Lycra ® that can be used in the city and outdoors.

At an international level, the press continues to be a topic of interest because it renews the windows and the e-commerce offer of the brands, even if with lower volumes than in past seasons.

We focused on micro-geometric effects and yarn-dyed imitation on the linings, while the outerwear is developed on three new themes, psychedelic, ethnic and floral.

This season we introduce two innovative themes, the denim-like print and the laser treatment.

The first reflects the image of the indigo and treated garment and we find it both on shirts and on ecru trousers,
the second is proposed with variable effects from shaded to perforated.